Anti Harassment Policy

The Company is committed to a healthy, harassment-free work environment for all our employees. Anti Harassment Policy is intended to prevent harassment of any type, including sexual harassment, conducted by employees and to deal quickly and effectively with any incident that might occur.


Harassment occurs when an employee is subjected to any unwelcomed verbal or physical conduct due to the following reasons, but not limited to: race, religious beliefs, colour, place of origin, gender, mental or physical disability, ancestry, marital status, family status or source of income. The Company prohibits harassment in the workplace on these grounds.


Examples of harassments, which will not be tolerated in the Company are verbal and / or physical abuse, threats, derogatory remarks, jokes, innuendo or taunts about any employee’s appearance, religious beliefs, skin colour, place of origin, mental or physical disabilities, ancestry, marital status, family status, source of income or gender. The Company will not tolerate any display of pornographic, racist or offensive signs or images, practical jokes that result in awkwardness or embarrassment, unwelcomed invitations or requests, whether direct or indirect.


Sexual harassment, being discrimination on the ground of gender, is a violation of this policy. Unwanted sexual advances, unwanted requests for sexual favours, and other unwanted verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can include such things as pinching, patting, rubbing or leering, “dirty” jokes, pictures or pornographic materials, comments, suggestions, innuendoes, requests or demands of a sexual nature. The behaviour needs not be intentional in order to be considered sexual harassment.


All harassments are offensive, and in many cases, they intimidate others. They will not be tolerated within the Company. Any employee found guilty of harassment may be dismissed without compensation from the Company.


Report any violation or suspected violation to