Sustainability Policy

Our Commitment

As a Company operating at the intersection of the maritime and energy industries, we believe that sustainable development is essential to preserve the scarce resources of this planet for future generations. We strive to promote the same principles in our relationships with clients, suppliers and other business partners. Throughout all aspects of our vessel and shore operations, weare committed to conducting its business in a responsible and lawful manner with respect for the wider economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities.


This Sustainability policy is anchored in the Company’s Mission to ensure long-term sustainability for all stakeholders. Our commitment is to drive continual improvement in Health and Safety, Environment, Human and Labour Rights and Anti-corruption. This policy aims to cover the most important priorities, in order to develop a mind-set of sustainable development centred on the three pillars of People, Planet and Profits.


People: Caring for Quality, Safety and Non-discrimination

We will conduct training to develop higher quality seafarers and staff. We will operate our business in a manner that protects the health and safety of all employees. Our aim is zero incidents through establishing a strong safety culture at all levels within our organization. Further, we will work to promote health and safety considerations and adopt best practices in our relationships with suppliers and other business partners.


We will respect internationally recognized human rights and we do not tolerate harassment or discrimination in our organization.


Planet: Reducing Our Impact on the Environment

We are committed to reducing the impacts of our vessel operations and business activities on the environment through the mitigation of natural resource depletion and pollution. We will continually drive to reduce air emissions, energy consumption and waste, while ensuring responsible use of resources and prevent damage to the marine environment.


Profits: Maximizing Returns with Strong Business Ethics

The Company culture promotes Integrity as its core value and requires all management and staff to commit to good working ethics. All dealings and relationships with external parties including suppliers/vendors, clients, classification societies, contractors, etc. must be professional and ethical and employees are expected to maintain the highest standards of integrity.