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16:48 30 July in News, RINA Remote Survey
  • In the first week of June 2020, RINA #India #Marine successfully carried out full class and statutory annual surveys via remote technique on a Singapore-flagged offshore supply vessel, PEARL ARK 2. The surveys were authorised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) due to the challenging situation posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Together with Fast Offshore Supply Pte Ltd, a thorough planning exercise was conducted prior to the surveys in order to ensure that the required data signal is accessible throughout the vessel. The motivated crew familiarised themselves with the required remote survey protocols in advance in order to facilitate the completion of the surveys in a smooth manner. Coupled with the RINA Kiber application, the survey was completed satisfactorily. This marks the first class and statutory surveys carried out on a #Singapore-flagged vessel plying on international voyage. Congratulations to FOS Management Services Pte. Ltd for this special achievement! Special thanks to Mr. Ian Torres, GM, Specialised Group, FOS Management Services Pte. Ltd for his kind co-operation and support. We look forward to creating yet another significant milestone in the maritime industry. #thisisrina #remotesurvey #kiber #rinaction #excellencebehindexcellence