Anti Drug and Alcohol Policy

The Company strongly prohibits the misuse of prohibited drugs and alcohol abuse as part of the implementation of occupational health and safety policy. The objective of this policy is to protect standard vessel and ashore operations in a safe and efficient manner, and improve and maintain the good health of all employees. This policy applies to all employees, both ship based and shore based including all visitors both ashore and on board.


All employees, crew and visitors are forbidden to trade, to be in possession, to use or distribute prohibited drugs at Company’s shore-based facility and on board vessels. Any person found to be violating this regulation will be subject to immediate removal without compensation, and will be handed over to the relevant authorities.


All crew and visitors are forbidden to possess, sell, buy or drink liquor on board. The Company reserves the right to dismiss any crew who is found drunk.


Every employee must support the Company’s efforts in wiping out drug and alcohol abuse and report any parties found to be violating this policy.


The Company requires drug and alcohol tests to be conducted “for cause” and “post incidents” as applicable.


This policy is a part of the Company’s efforts to foster a healthy working environment free of drugs and alcohol abuse and to improve the quality of human resources free from the effects of drugs and alcohol in line with its policy to establish healthy, safe and efficient ship operational procedures.