Anti Corrupt Practices Policy

The Company maintains a business environment where all good working ethics are maintained. All dealings and relationships with external parties including suppliers
vendors, clients, classification societies, contractors, etc. must be professional and ethical and employees are expected to maintain the highest standards of integrity.


All provisions and explanations in relation to any action to be taken against corruption and dishonesty are regulated under a standard guidance of the Company’s Ethical Code.


Gifts and Entertainment

It is prohibited for employees to solicit or try to solicit money or gifts of any form from any party for personal gain. Any gifts (whether monetary or otherwise) and
entertainment must be declared to the Human Resource (HR) within 7 (seven) days of receipt. If the gift is deemed excessive, the employee may be asked to surrender it to the Company. Any employees found to be flouting this policy may be dismissed immediately without compensation.



It is essential for the professional reputation of the Company that all employees preserve a high standard of integrity. Any instance of dishonesty (including but not
limited to falsifying expense claims, over-declaring costs, manipulation of fuel data, unauthorized sale of fuel or other vessel items, etc.) is sufficient grounds for the
employee involved to be dismissed without compensation from the Company.


Report any violation or suspected violation to