Competitiveness of Our FMSV

  • Reduce total charter hire for customers by using One Fast Multipurpose Supply Vessels to substitute¬† 2 to 3 traditional vessels such as PSVs, Utility vessels, Crew boats, Tugboats, Diving Vessels and Stand by vessels
  • Reduce total vessel fuel usage for customer logistic operations per nautical mile travelled
  • Able to substitute or reduce Helicopters
  • Offer much higher flexibility and efficiency
  • Double up as a standby vessel for emergency evacuation
  • High Quality Product
  • Innovation
  • Exceed customer expectations

Capabilities of Our FMSV

  • Material transport
  • Fuel and water supply
  • Towing (tanker export tandem tow / rig move)
  • Pushing Capability
  • Passengers transport
  • Bulk material transport (on deck)
  • Pollution prevention
  • Fire fighting
  • Emergency evacuation (ERRV certified)
  • Holding Position with dynamic positioning (DP)
  • Hose Handling for tanker export at SBM
  • Diving support
  • Helicopter substitution